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MARPOSS recently acquired four small companies. They are mainly local, but present considerable growth opportunities. 
Two are in Italy's Emilia region, one is French and one Chinese, operating in sectors highly synergistic with those served by Marposs around the world. As far as Marposs' objectives are concerned, these companies will provide important opportunities for growth and diversification.

TECNA was established in 1983 in the Mirandola "medical valley" (Modena province, Italy). It supplies leak testing components with a special focus on applications in the medical sector and general mechanical engineering supplies. Tecna products perfectly complement the products that Marposs already supplies in the leak testing sector for the automotive, conditioning/refrigeration and biomedical industries.

TTV is a young company set up in the Bologna area with the innovative idea of temperature monitoring for aluminium die-casting. This is an increasingly widespread process in the automotive sector, allowing the production of engine parts that are much smaller and lighter than those from traditional processes. As a result, materials consumption is also reduced. Again, there is a strong synergy with the huge range supplied by Marposs to leading car manufacturers.

BPMA, established in 1966 east of Paris, specialises in the design and manufacture of tooling and mechanical equipment for the aviation industry. BPMA products complete the Marposs offer for aircraft engines, both for applications relating to new engines and for MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) of existing engines.

Last but not least, 75% in a joint venture established in China with ZHONGYUAN JINGMI, a company producing applications for in-process gauging on grinding machines. Bologna-based Marposs has been involved in this sector since the company was established in 1952, and is now recognised as the world leader. Through the new Chinese company, Marposs will be able to serve a segment of the market chiefly made up of small sub-suppliers of the local mechanical engineering industry. A segment hard to reach due to geographical limits and the basic level of technical requirements. This is a chance to create strong links with a related industry that is booming. 
The new JV, involving 90 workers, adds to the Group's already impressive presence in China. Marposs has more than 600 people working on design, production, selling and support for solutions made expressly for the Chinese market. This is the most important area for the Group in terms of sales volumes.

Marposs Group Chairman, Stefano Possati, commented: "Individually, these operations are less demanding than the ones the Group has worked on since 2000. But they have strong synergies with our efforts to keep growing and expand our market sectors." 
Possati adds: "Our goal is to achieve strong, continuing growth both in our traditional market and in new sectors. The four recent acquisitions are perfectly suited to this. Acquiring high quality companies is a method we'll keep using in addition to our considerable in-house work on Research and Development."