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AMA is a line of mechanical measuring devices developed to satisfy the requirements of the gauging market. Based on their versatility, fixture makers, gauge makers and engineering sources will produce the right solution for their applications, such as:

inside and outside diameters, TIR, distances, pneumatic retraction and self-centering measuring units.

The main feature of the product line is universal applicability and this is achieved by:

  • 15 different designs
  • 8 mm and 3/8" clamping diameter
  • high precision and reliability
  • compact design (12 mm thickness)
  • variety of mounting options
  • wide range of contact offsets
This product, manufactured of non-magnetic stainless steel, was developed as a result of TESTAR's longstanding experience in the gauging field.

AMA™ will protect and extend the working life of gauging solutions.

They can be used with any pencil probe transducers, as well as mechanical and digital indicators.
Pneumatic actuation, available on some models, allows contact retraction to eliminate interference with the workpiece during manual and automatic part loading and unloading.
A CD ROM disk, containing the .dxf drawing files of the AMA™components, makes designing high quality applications an easy task, even for the beginner.

Offered by a world-wide market leader, the AMA™ is a new and economical way of designing high quality solutions using Off TheShelf modular gauging components.