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This gauge block is a universal measuring armset with axial movement for inspection of internal and external diameters and distances on multigauging devices. It is available in two versions:

  • as complete single measuring unit [measuring range ± 1 mm (.04")]with built-in full-bridge (LVDT) or half-bridge (HBT) transducer also compatible with any electronics already present on the market.
  • as simple mechanical transmission, to be used with other measuring gauges with clamping diameter 8 mm or 3/8", such as TESTAR Red Crown™ pencil probes, Quick Probe™, Quick Read™ and Quick Digit™.
Each version can be also equipped with pneumatic actuation to facilitate part loading/unloading in the measuring station.

Contact support retooling range of 20 mm.

Wide range of measuring arms and contacts, which allows up to5 external diameter measurements on a length of only 8 mm.

Easy to apply and to set-up, it is particularly suitable as a component of the Quick Set™ for Post-Process applications with robot part loading and unloading.

This equipment is used along with Quick Read or E4N or E9066 electronic units.