M110 FLEX™

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Contact inspection on a large variety of crankshafts, including cam and transmission shaft, after inter-operational and final machining. Easy to retool when needed.
Designed considering demanding shop floor environments for off-line, in-line and post-process applications. Manages parts up to 800 mm long, up to 60 Kg and with a maximum overall diameter of 240 mm.
Performs measurements of main and pin bearings (diameter, roundness and taper), flanges, distances and widths, groove diameters, radial and axial runouts, stroke, index.
Extremely reliable and accurate, guarantees the best metrological performances using 2 bi-directional measuring heads with dedicated or wide-range forks.

Assembled on a monolithic floor structure.
Automatic horizontal part loading from gantry on station pre-vees.
Part loading in measuring station using loading arms or double loader or elevator, always outside the measuring area to ensure better protection against damage and greater protection from dirt.
Part located between centers driven by friction, axial pin hole for rotation thru direct drive or with OD gripper.
Horizontal measuring plane with 2-head measuring group. Pin bearing inspection with max 2 dedicated 8-cell fork or 9-mm wide-range fork.
Resident master; eventual ring master for wide-range fork and for each dedicated fork.
Ambient thermal compensation.
Ample visibility and accessibility with guarding which is mechanically isolated from the gauge and simple to remove for service.
Separately housed electrical cabinet to maintain the gauging station at ambient temperature. 

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