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 The E9066E-bb Embedded Industrial PC is a highly compact, diskless and totally fanless PC box, provided in a shop-floor proof enclosure.

Based on the INTEL® Dual Core D2550 industrial-grade platform, it runs on Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard 7-32 and the Marposs Quick SPC™ Measurement, SPC and Quality Control software suite.
The system is particularly suitable for integraton with the Marposs GagePod™ Distributed Data Acquisition modules, along with several other data acquisition systems as well.

Powerful, compact and versatile, it provides total flexibility of deployment and interfacing options, and is available in two standard versions:

  • The E9066E-bb ‘barebone’ is a PC box, without display, connectable to any external DVI or VGA-compatible screen
  • The E9066E-L7 PC box mounts a 7” wide, 15:9 true flat touchscreen, for tightly integrated applications requiring localized visualization of measurement and statistical results. Any external DVI or VGA-compatible screen can also be connected contemporarily as well. 

E9066E-bb is a virtually maintenance-free system, eliminating all wear & tear rotating parts like fans or traditional hard disks. Its compact design supplies an efficient and cost-saving deployment, integrating more easily in the design of benches & machines alike: mounting solutions include an integrated DIN-rail attachment or an optional benchmount stand.



Motherboard All-in-one motherboard
Processor INTEL® Dual Core D2550 [1.86Ghz 64bit Cedar Trail]
RAM (min - max) 2GB - 4GB (1 x SODIMM DDR3 socket)
HDDD/SSD interface SATA 2
Hard drive 32GB (min) SSD
Operating System Windows® Embedded Standard 7-32 (multi-language)
Video out DVI-I (DVI-D + VGA)
Video out resolution 1920 x 1200 (24bit per pixel)
Ethernet ports 2 x Ethernet 10/100/1000Mps / RJ45
USB ports 6 x USB 2.0
Serial port RS232 / DBSUB9
Power supply 18 - 36Vdc - autoranging
Integrated LCD display 7.0" / true flat mount / touchscreen
Aspect ratio 15:9
Resolution / colors WVGA 800 x 480 / 16M
Contrast ratio 400:1
Brightness 500 cd/m² (500 nit)
Backlight LED
Touch screen 5 wire analog-resistive
Mounting solutions  
DIN rail mount integrated
Benchmount stand with DIN rail option
Power supply unit 24Vdc AC/DC (option)
Relative humidity 5 ÷ 80 % (non condensing)
Temperature (operating) 0 ÷ 50 °C (32 ÷ 122 °F)
Temperature (oper.) with LCD 0 ÷ 45 °C (32 ÷ 113 °F)
Temperature (non operating) -20 ÷ 60 °C (-4 ÷ 140 °F)