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 I-Wave2™ is the innovative rechargeable, wireless handle with integrated 1.8" TFT color screen, to display the measurement value in the operator's hand. The ergonomic design, with twin push buttons, display orientation mode, gauge stand with inductive recharging system, high protection degree against coolants and dust, offers the ideal solution for dimensional inspection in the workshop environment.

By integrating a computer into the handle, Marposs has achieved an unprecedented level of convenience and performance in manual gaging technology.



  • Intuitive 1.8” TFT graphical color display with automatic orientation allows immediate visualization of the measurement value to the operator from any direction.
  • Any mechanical gauge head, with M10, M6 or M3,5 thread can be mounted very quickly by means of an adapter to convert the handle to a plug, snap or depth gauge. Customers can choose among three systems, Standard Lock, Star-Lock and Star-Adjust, to conveniently carry out gauge head changeover in a very short time.
  • The measurement value is immediately displayed to the operator on the gauge and by simply pressing one of the twin buttons it is automatically uploaded via secure radio transmission to the gauge computer, at a distance of up to 10m.
  • Seamless synchronization with the gauge computer.
  • Possibility to operate in stand-alone mode, not connected to the gauge computer.
  • IP67 protection rating for use even in severe shop floor environments.
  • The i-Wave2 handle contains long-life, fast recharging Li-Ion battery, and is supplied with an inductive charging stand ensuring 24/7 use.
  • Wireless offers following advantages: no cable entanglement or breaks, ergonomic operations, measuring directly at the machine.
  • Communication software, developed by MARPOSS, gives users the opportunity to connect the i-Wave2 to any commercial computer.



Display 1.8" full color
Wireless transmission technology Bluetooth® Smart
Ergonomic handle design Twin push-buttons
Able to work stand alone
Able to work connected with gauge computers
Programming for stand alone use by Android phone/tablet or PC
Auto switch on by accelerometer
View display aspect Portrait / Landscape-selectable
Programmable auto shut down time
Settable acoustic feedback
Battery type Li-Ion rechargeable
Wireless charging system Inductive


Communication distance 10 m
IP rating 67
Weight 540 gr
Resolution 0.0001 mm
Linearity deviation 0.0003 mm over 5 mm travel